Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair? Only Useful Tips!


Why does my cat lick my hair? Cats are very intelligent, graceful, and beautiful animals. But, on top of everything else, they are also the most mysterious. When a cute little animal like a cat becomes part of your family, you often begin to notice your pet’s unusual habits.  It’s cute and funny, but sometimes it isn’t enjoyable. This article will look at such a strange phenomenon as the cat licking people’s hair and learning how to prevent this.

Some owners often complain that the cat starts licking their hair. It’s not very pleasant, and often it causes discomfort to people. The following questions arise by themselves: “Why does my cat lick my hair? What are the reasons? And what should you do?”

Continue reading the article, and you will find the answer.

Is it OK for my cat to lick my hair?

According to Dr. Mikel Delgado’s perspective, as a certified applied animal behaviorist, cat grooming itself or its owner is quite normal. Dr. Delgado says that cats love to groom. Everyone knows that cats are clean animals, and so they remove excess dirt from their fur. And why is a person subjected to such a rite, and what does it mean?

Why does my cat lick my hair? What are the reasons?

Groom the hair of the family members, the cat can look for various reasons. The first, and most basic, is the natural craving for cleanliness. In this way, they try to show their concern and show that they care about you.

Cat licking your hair may be a sign of affection!

Any animal is attached to its owner. It is generally accepted that cats are solitary by nature, loving to “stand on their own.” But we should not consider everyone as such. Cats, like humans, have different personalities. Some cats absolutely can not do without their owner and an hour, starting to lick it.

So yes, your cat licking may be a sign of affection and the manifestation of love. As cats lick their newborn kittens, so do some cats licks your hair and your head. In this special ritual for them, all the tenderness, love, and care that only an animal can give you are invested.

If your cat licks your hair, it means that your cat trusts you completely and considers you its friend. It means the highest degree of praise that your kitty can give you.

Also, it is often noticeable when two same-sex cats live together. They do not get along well with each other. To avoid conflicts and maintain a friendly atmosphere, your cats can lick each other. In this way, they mark their flock with their scent. So if you notice your cat licking your hair, congratulations, you are a part of the cat gang. That`s definitely may be a sign of affection.

Can something else cause a cat`s behavior like this?

Yes, there are more other reasons:

  • Thermoregulation. Everyone knows that the body temperature of a cat is much higher than that of a human. It is almost 39 degrees. Due to this, cats are incredibly thermophilic, and they need a large amount of heat to warm the body. The human body emits a huge amount of heat, which is very attractive to the animal. Many owners notice that cats prefer to lie down and start to lick exactly where there is a pain in humans. This is because the diseased organ emits increased heat, which, in turn, is very much preferred by representatives of the cat family;
  • Often the cats lick your hair, hands, head, or skin in order to get something delicious. When cats see a treat in your hands, the kitty shows all its tricks to get it.
  • The desire for dominance. Sometimes, the cats want to show who is in charge of the house, and grooming human hair, shows its dominance. Like mothers who take care of their child in every possible way, the cats take care of the owner. Domestic cats are wayward animals, their wild ancestors lived in their natural habitat. The dominant behavior of the cat is shown by grooming (licking). Sometimes the animal licks another individual, so the cats demonstrate their high position in the pack. Also, dominant cats can signal others to lick themselves, and in this case, this is interpreted as an order. Therefore, when a pet signs inviting the owner to groom, do not ignore the requirements of the pet.
  • Passive behavior, on the contrary, is characteristic of those animals that for some reason experience stress and anxiety. In this case, this behavior, when the cat licks the owner, is due to forced submission. If the animal is very stiff and tense while grooming the human hair means that its humans completely dominate it. Often, after such a seemingly calm hand-licking, unexpected bites from the pet can follow. This is a direct signal to the uncomfortable feeling of the kitty, it is tense all the time and this can negatively affect the psychological and physical state of the animal’s health.
  • If the cat licks your hair or head, it may indicate that it`s just boring. Your little friend doesn’t get enough attention. Cats, deprived of attention, will seek to vent their anger on objects in the apartment, and not just repeated refusals can lead to a complete loss of trust, which will be very difficult to restore. Some aggressive cats can even bite the owner. With constant such impulses, you should worry about the state of her psychological health, and visit a veterinarian to fully examine and solve the problem.

The sign of an invitation to grooming in a cat is:

  1. ears pressed to the back;
  2. nose-to-hand poking;
  3. as well as hand and face licking.

Sometimes the pet sprawls on the floor or other surfaces. Also, the cat can lick the face, demonstrating its location to the owner. Usually, the animal itself turns to the owner with a certain part of the body, showing exactly where it should scratch it.

The most pleasant for scratching in cats are the forehead and ears. It is more correct to scratch the forehead against the hair, and the base’s ears, gently sipping. Some animals enable the host to scratch the belly, much like brushing during the shedding period. Do not make small intermittent movements, as the pet will get more pleasure from continuous combing — from head to tail.

Many animals, when scratching, begin to emit a gentle purr. Such sounds are a confirmation that the pet is experiencing pleasure, and grooming should continue.

As a sign of the cat’s location, they lick the owner’s face and hands. You can start scratching the cat without calling on it. It would help if you stretched out your hand in his direction and scratch 10 centimeters away from him. If the pet, with its ears flattened, approaches the hand and licks it, this is a good sign. It means the call to grooming is accepted.

  • In the presence of a strong and pungent scent in a person, the cats try to rid him of them. Any cosmetic products, perfumes, creams, ointments, shampoo, other hair products, and even sweat secretions are perceived sharply by the cats, and in their opinion, are dangerous. Therefore, by licking your hair, the animal wants to protect him and himself from the coming danger.
  • The presence of diseases. Persistent licking of the owner’s hands or face can be a signal for help with various diseases in the animal. It is worth a good look at the animal, monitors its behavior and possible concomitant symptoms. Excessive hair licking may indicate parasites, dermatitis, allergic reactions, skin irritations, rashes, and various infections. In this case, the best advice can only be a visit to the veterinarian.

Why do I notice that my kitty spends a lot of time with my baby? Is it not dangerous?

The reason why the animal licks the owner can also be explained as follows. Against the background of being close to a person, the pet experiences such pleasant comfort and reassurance.

If the pet shows an active interest in the child in the house, then it is likely that the human child she perceives as her own. The cat mother is always there and constantly licks her babies.

For this reason, a” dose “of washing and sleeping in an embrace with a “fluffy mom” in such a situation is provided to the child without fail. To avoid some discomfort during sleep, the cat owner is not recommended to teach the pet to sleep with people.

It is important to note that if the animal has not gone through the castration or sterilization procedure but has not produced offspring, cats show false maternal instincts.

Cats may experience hormonal disruptions. Therefore, it is essential for owners who do not plan to breed offspring to resolve this issue on time.

Should you let your cat lick you?

Veterinarians say that most cats prefer to stay away from places where there is an unusual scent or taste, such as hair oil or indelible conditioner. Therefore, most likely, this habit does not carry any danger to the cats. But if your animal suddenly starts vomiting or diarrhea after it has licked your hair, then you should not allow it to do this.

Why does it hurt when your cat licks you?

Sometimes your animal grooming may even hurt. It’s because its tongue has unique back-facing barbs called papillae. It is of the same material as her claws making a kitty’s tongue feel like sandpaper.

cat licks your hair

How do I stop this behavior?

  • If you don’t want a cat to lick your hair, try not to let it have that desire.
  • If you pet your cat or talk to him during this educational ritual, you will let him know that you approve of this action.
  • When the cat tries to lick your hair, let it know that you don’t like it. Just stand up and walk away from the cat.
  • Cats have always been attracted to different scents. For example, they love the smell that comes from human hair. Especially after washing your hair. The animal perceives the hair as a “wool cover” in humans, so it licks them. If you think that your hair products may cause excessive interest in your cat, change them to others. Perhaps your hair will no longer be so attractive to a cat. Cats don’t like the smell of citrus, so it is recommended to try shampoos or gels with a citrus scent for your hair.


You are one fortunate cat parent if your kitty openly expresses her affection to you. A gesture like head bunting or sleeping between your legs is heart-melting, and grooming you can be cute yet goofy. Also, the animal may lick you because she finds it delicious and as a way of bonding with you.

However, you may choose not to tolerate this if you find it annoying, and also because it may harm your animal if you’re using a hair care product that contains chemicals. In general, licking the owner’s hands or face is normal. An alarming factor may be the case when such love from a pet has not previously been observed.

If all this is also accompanied by changes in behavior – the refusal of food or active games, you should seek a veterinarian recommendation. He will answer all your questions and give you the best advice.


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