Why do dogs howl at the Moon? And What You Can Do With It!

No matter where you live, you must have heard late at night how the dog howling. Researchers believe that this behavior is deeply engraved in the dog’s genes. The DNA of ancient races largely coincides with wolves, from which they originate. There are many reasons Why do dogs howl at the Moon?

These are the answers to why dog howling:

  • Dogs seek attention
  • Dogs warn of the danger
  • they call the dog from a distance or his owner when he is not at home
  • react to high tones

Full Moon as an explanation of howl

If the moon is young, it is possible that due to the gravity of the Moon and the Sun, it can affect the dog howl. People also feel this effect of gravity so that they can sleep.

But when the moon is full when it comes to the fact that people are not sleeping and become nervous. This also affects dogs and leads to dogs howling.

Animals are even more fragile than humans, and the full moon acts as a catalyst for strength. So, animals often do not sleep on such a night. Their brain does not rest and becomes aggressive (just like people who can not sleep).

why do dogs howl at the Moon

Why the dog howl?

Some dogs howl, greeting people, others turning with joy, some wrapping when they hear the music. The hearing range is similar to that of humans, or about eight and a half octaves, but the sensitivity in this range to dogs is very high. For example, they recognize notes differ only in a one-eighth octave.

The fact is that the dog is howl with a song or while the singer sings or imitates the dog’s wrap. Likewise, if the dog heard howling or barking another dog, he howls to respond to this kind of communication and felt less lonely.

This explains why dogs have learned to easily recognize the shepherd’s orders that blow in the whistle. People in one of the main parts of the brain have receptors for recognizing music. Maybe dogs own those receptors too. Music relieves stress. It can calm the dog and give him confidence.

Organizing the community

In the wilderness, wolves and dogs wander to instruct “dog scouts” back to the pack after hunting. Wrapping actually serves as vocal guidance to guide other members of the pack.

Dogs howl when they want to tell each other about their location. Wolves talk this way in a situation when the pack is scattered through the forest, and the wolf is separated from it.

The wolf will then begin to squeeze what in translation means to wonder where the other pack members are. Seeing these different types of howls, the wolf stops whip.

Puppies who have long started to whip. As some older dogs, especially Dobermans and Beagles, take over the sad howl. When these types of dogs alone will start to howl.

Wolf howl when he wants to gather a pack (which is a desire for socializing), and based on this, we can conclude that dogs mostly wander for the same reason. Dogs with howl express a desire, mostly a desire to socialize.

When a dog pet howl does it for a similar reason, especially if you have been away from home for a long time.

Why the dog howl

Setting limits and defending mechanism.

Also, when howl dogs signal and warns other unknown dogs that the territory is already occupied. Time dog announces its presence and warns the rest of the pack of the newly emerging circumstances.

In this context, wrapping serves as a defense mechanism for combating predators and ensuring security. In a home-like environment, like your house, dogs can say howl for the same reason.

Some yell or bark when an unknown person comes in or a new car parks in front of the yard …

The attraction of attention or expression of anxiety

A dog that howls might just be looking for attention. Some owners know well that dogs are also manipulating emotions a little bit, and howling really attracts the owner’s attention.

Get your dog’s attention by using a Kong toy. A dog can chase it, chew it, and play with it. The dog instinctively reacts to this toy, and it stimulates his mental activity.

However, if your dog spends a lot of time alone, there are not enough toys or things to entertain him in your absence, it can become sad, lonely, and depressed. Howling can be a sign of protest because the dog is alone!

Response to external exposures

Howls can be the answer to triggers from the environment. Dogs are most likely to react when they hear the sound of an ambulance, police, or firefighters. Also, triggers can be music from stereo or television or the sound of musical instruments.

If there is a dog that barks all night or also howls, it can be the reason. Do not punish a dog for reacting. It would be best to eliminate the cause that led to it and train your dog to stay calm.

Showing injury or pointing

People cry when they get hurt, and dogs wander in similar situations. Dogs also bark to draw attention to the pain. Some dogs are dressed to wonder when they discover something important – hunting when they find prey or a police dog when they come to an explosive.

Howl and sexuality in a dog

If you have a dog that is a male and in the neighborhood is a female, the dog will how to get in and attract her attention. This can also affect the appetite of your dog, so he will refuse to eat.

Genetic code

Official dog pages of Cassara Milano say that the push for howling some dogs “are embedded in the genetic code” and that in some situations, there are no (at least not for our people) logical explanations why dogs howl.

Fear of abandonment

Except when they feel the physical pain of dogs, they often howl and when they feel fear of abandonment, which is one of the 10 most common dog fears. It happens with dogs that owners have not learned to be alone at home.

How often monitors and urinates in the apartment, destroying furniture and similar unwanted behaviors. The dog does not do it out of hell, but because it is under stress and thinks you will not return.

why do dogs howl at the Moon

How to train a dog to stop to howl

Bind the dog’s fence for the fence or pillar. Get away from the dog a couple of steps, and during that time, show the dog a toy to be interested in it. When she begins to bark (looking for a toy), reward her with a delicacy Prama Delicacy Snack Dog Treats.

Say the “Voice” command as soon as it turns on, then reward it. When the dog adopts the exercise, stop rewarding it with desserts, but praise it and pat it.  If all this dog has mastered, you can switch to the command “Quiet.”

This is another interactive toy for your dog. We are talking about iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs. The dog can now throw the ball to itself and chase it when the machine throws it out. The dog has to get the ball and throw it in the intended place.

When the dog begins to bark (continuation of the previous exercise), tell him “Quiet” and reward him with a delicacy or toy as soon as he stops barking. This exercise is a bit tougher, so you have to be patient. When a dog adopts the “Quiet” command, praise him with words and pat it.

If he has properly adopted the exercise, prepare him for your “departure” and say the “Quiet” command. Start moving. If the dog turns on, do something noisy (for example, kick with your palm on your palm), calm down and stop barking.

As soon as he stops, go back and reward him with delicacies. In this way, you can teach your dog that he should rest after a walk and after you went to the house.

You must have patience and motivation and be positive to not fall into the temptation to punish your dog and thus fail.

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