How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away? 4 Amazing And Working Methods!


Pet owners often face one big problem: feeding the animal when it is necessary to leave for a long or not a long time. In this article, I will talk about feeding a cat when the owner is not home or is away on a business trip.

You went to work, and you had to leave the cat at home. The problem that bothers you now is – How do you feed your cat with wet food while you are at work?

And you constantly think about your cat at work, worry and worry if your favorite feline pet is hungry. While you away, how to cat feeder wet food? It is not your fault because you want your cat to stay full at all times!

My top ways to feed and take care

Wet food is very beneficial for your pet, and you don’t have to worry about your cat starving without you. Until you are around, your cat will not go hungry. Next, I will give you four simple but very effective ways to feed a cat in yours while no one is at home. So if you are worried about your cat going hungry while you are away, you will like this article. Sounds good, and Let’s get started!

How To Feed Cat Wet Food While AwayWe cannot stay at home for 24 hours. We have work, business trips, vacations. Sometimes we want to meet up with friends after work or go to the movies. It is normal for us. But what if a cat is waiting for you at home?

We love our cute felines, and we are worried that everything is fine with them, so we cannot leave them without food and water for a long time. Don’t worry too much about this because there are different ways to keep your cat from starving. Wet food solves the water problem a little. 

Method number 1 – how to feed your cat wet food

So method number 1 – Eat both dry and wet food! Leave your cat more than just wet food! So what you have is two bowls—one for wet food and one for dry food.

Before leaving the house, put your pet’s favorite wet food in one, and dry food in the other. Choose a good dry food that will nourish your cat and make a great snack for your cat while you are away. I like cat food dispensers.

Make sure your cat will eat wet food first when you are not around. Dry food will not spoil, so you have nothing to worry about. 

For this method, if you want to feed your cat wet and dry food, I like Premium Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder, Double Bowl Raised Stand Comes with Extra Two Stainless Steel Bowls. Perfect for Small Dogs and Cats

Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder

Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder, Double Bowl Raised Stand Comes with Extra Two Stainless Steel Bowls. Perfect for Small Dogs and Cats

About this subject

Spill protection: The sturdy stand prevents your cat’s food and water from spilling onto the floor in a big mess. It weighs over 3 pounds to prevent strong cats from pushing bowls on the floor or toppling contents.

REDUCES bloating and neck sprains in cats. Pets with arthritis, neck, or back problems find relief by eating from a raised trough. Digestive health is greatly improved when cats no longer need to strain to eat off the ground unnaturally.

Four stainless steel bowls for clean food: The stainless steel bowls are easy to keep clean and hygienic. Because we know how important your pet’s health is to you, we’re adding an extra set of two bowls, so you always have a fresh bowl ready. The set includes two bowls with a capacity of 1.5 cups and two bowls with a total of 2.5 cups. Silicone rings securely hold dishes in place, prevent containers from clanking or leaking, and puddle the floor. 

NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain

What if my cat wants to drink?

When your cat eats wet food, it draws heavily from it. But when it’s just dry food, the cat may want to drink extra. Therefore, the availability of freshwater is essential. You can add an extra bowl of water. But there is a problem that the cat’s bowl can accidentally turn the bowl over, and the water will pour out.

Maybe something gets into the water, and it becomes undrinkable. It gives me great concern!

And here, the automatic water dispenser is for you. It is very cool! Look how cool he looks. With it, you definitely cannot worry about water for your cat. You no longer need to worry about the water spoiling or getting into it. It is surprising! 

NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain, Dog Water Dispenser, 1.5L Super Quiet Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain with Faucet Kits

NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain, Dog Water Dispenser, 1.5L Super Quiet Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain with Faucet Kits

Briefly about this water fountain for cats

Tap Mode: Attract pets to drink more water.

Waterfall model: wide waterfall, increase the oxygen content of the water.

Fountain volume 1.5L: The water storage tank can provide cats with drinking water for one day in a power outage event.

Durable and easy to clean. The transparent water tank reminds you to top up the water on time.

The fact that there are such awesome automatic cat drinkers leads me to the next way how to feed your cat wet food while away from home.

Method number 2 – my favorite Cat Feeder!

 Automatic cat feeder. It’s an ultra-modern food dispenser for your furry babes. Thanks to modern technology, many interesting ways have been invented to feed the pet while the owners are away.

It’s just as cool as the cat fountain! You can feed your cat while you are not at home Automatically. And I’m talking about providing your wet cat food! 

How away to feed with an automatic food dispenser.

When the pet comes to her, the bowl’s lid opens, and the cat can eat. As soon as the pet is distracted or no longer interested in food, the lid closes. It keeps the feed fresh and does not dry out.

Feed Cat Wet Food

Today many developments help to care for pets. One of such products is the automatic cat feeder wet food. Thanks to this, you can now monitor the pet’s nutrition from a distance.

The mobile phone receives a signal that it is time to feed the cat, and the feeder automatically dispenses a portion of the feed. It is surprising! Your food is always fresh and moist! 

 Another option is a large bowl that is divided into sectors. When the time comes, which is set using the timer, one of the bowls opens, and the pet can eat. 

Imagine that you are at work, but you are sure that at 13 o’clock, the automatic feeder will feed your cat. And what is the best thing that I like? You can record a voice message to invite your cat to eat. How cool is that! 

So, after the food is ready, the message you recorded will be played back! It is definitely worth the investment! There is an extensive selection of such automatic feeders, and I am surprised by how affordable they are. 

Cat Mate C500

If you never want your cat to get hungry and her food on time when you are not, I would recommend reading my  “Best Automatic Pet Feederreview and choosing the one that is right for you!  

But I like this – Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats and Small Dogs.

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats and Small Dogs.

Here are the benefits I see in Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder.

  • The automatic feeder is very quiet.
  • It is effortless to assemble. Cat Mate C500 has five food compartments and has two ice packs that keep the food fresh.
  • It is ideal for wet and dry food.
  • At a good price, the trough is of excellent quality.

  Of the minuses, I would note that ice packs last only 12-15 hours. Additional ice packs can be purchased separately.

Use Automatic Cat Food Dispensers Automatic. Cat food dispensers have revolutionized both the lives of cats and their owners! And these automatic cat feeders are not very expensive! It’s so essential to me too.

Method number 3 – your neighbor as a cat sitter

Ask your neighbor. What could be better than good neighbors! Personally, my neighbors are very nice and kind people. They love animals and are always ready to help. So if you have the same good relationship with your neighbors, you can ask him to come and feed the cat.

Ask your neighbor to come at a specific time and give your cat a favorite fresh food. A big plus in this way is that your neighbor will pay attention to your pet, and he will not feel lonely while you are not at home. And of course, this is a great way to save your money significantly. 

True, there is one drawback to this method – always your neighbor will pay attention to your cat and feed her? He may go on vacation, get sick, or just busy with his own business that day. Sometimes, a neighbor can perfectly solve your problem of feeding a cat with wet food away from home. 

Method number 4 - hire a professional cat sitter!

If the neighbor doesn’t agree to help you, you can invite a professional nanny for your beloved feline. If you are away most of the day, you can hire a cat babysitter. In this case, you can rest assured that this is a great way to ensure that your cat is well looked after.

Cat Wet Food Hire a cat sitter If you are planning to go for a long day away. The nanny will play with him with your cat so that he does not get bored. It certainly costs money, but the big plus is that the nannies are qualified and, of course, suitable to feed and play with your cat while you are not at home.  

You have to make sure you find a professional cat sitter to look after your beloved feline first. So, when hiring a cat sitter, you need to check a few things. Ask a few questions before entrusting your cat to a nanny.

  1. Do you like cats?
  2. Tell us how you will play with the cat?
  3. Do you have any experience working as a babysitter for cats?
  4. How long can you sit with the cat?
  5. What will you do in an emergency?

These few questions will help you hire a cat sitter! Feel free to ask questions. After all, a nanny will be looking after your cat. And therefore, you must trust and know that everything is done correctly.

Out the pros and cons of hiring a professional cat sitter.


  • Your pet receives individual attention and care from a professional cat sitter.
  • Your pet does not need to be brought to unfamiliar places, such as a pet care facility.
  • Your pet can still enjoy human companionship and company even when you are not around.
  • A cat sitter can also do household chores such as watering plants, turning lights off, and fetching mail.


  • This is an expensive option, especially if you consider hiring a cat nanny with a professional pet care company.
  • You can burglary your home if you hire someone you don’t know or if it comes from some unreliable source.


Once I tried all of these methods. But the most economical and the best for me was to buy an automatic feeder. Automatic Cat Feeders, OMG! Automatic cat food dispensers are the bomb. I know for sure that my pet has access to his favorite wet food. And my cat will never go hungry.

The best thing about an automatic feeder is that it allows your cat to avoid overeating and to control the amount of food. It will not be obese. Your cat mustn’t be obese because it can lead to health problems.

In a world dominated by technology, it is elementary to feed your beloved feline even when you are not home! Now you can concentrate on work and not worry that your cat is hungry.


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