Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad?


Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad? Low-cost, simple to shop, and loaded with different flavors as well as protein sources, dry cat food is regular when it comes to what to feed our wonderful four-legged close friends.

Even though dry food is not constantly served in bigger sections and family pet stores and also grocery shelves always are plentiful with a wide variety of completely dry food, some of us still purchase wholesale when it is on sale. Yet does dry cat food spoil? And how can we keep it without reducing its quality as well as wrecking its taste?

Compared to damp cat food, dry pet cat food is much extra gradually to perish out when it is open. However, it does not suggest that you do not need to focus on exactly how to keep it for the finest conservation.

What Do You Need To Know About Dry Cat Food?

how long does dry cat food last

Dry food has long been the preferred option among cat proprietors when it comes to offered food for their hairy family participants. It does not just win the heart of all animal owners however most pet cats additionally appear to be addicted to it.

It is no secret that completely dry bags are convenient and also very easy to feed. Some are also marketed as “complete and well balanced.” But it is not a healthy diet plan. Do you desire your cat’s healthy and balanced and happy life? It’s high time to quit feeding dry food!

Does dry cat food go bad?

The “Best By” dates of any type of completely dry feline food is often 6 months after the manufacturing day. And chemicals and antioxidants are supposed to keep it fresh. However, even though the initial bag is firmly secured, the chemicals themselves can degrade right into an ineffective compound over time.

On each dry food bag, you can see a “Use By” date– concerning 6 months after its milling day. Dry food is ideally eaten within these 6 months. As well as you must not maintain the food past this “Best By” day unless you keep these bags in a freezer before usage.

How to Safely Store Dry Cat Food?

how long does dry cat food last

Dry cat food not only offers your four-legged members a much more varied diet regimen (when integrated with wet pet cat food) however also is pretty very easy to store.

However, as soon as you open your dry cat food, its high quality and quality rely on where you have it in your home.

If we do not save completely dry feline food appropriately, chances are there will certainly be the development of bacteria or parasitic infestations. And in the most awful situations, these completely dry foods can spoil.

Below comes the hardest part: “How can we maintain our dry pet cat food for as lengthy as feasible without the reduction in its suitable dietary profile?”

Below are our recommendations on how to finest maintain your cat fresh as well as wholesome.

Exactly How To Keep Dry Cat Food?

Food irradiation resulting in the vitamins’ destruction and oxidation of fats leading to rancidity prevail. Yet you can avoid it. How? So easy. Simply store these bags of completely dry cat food in a completely dry place at great temperature levels.

  • The temperature levels must not greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 levels Celsius). On the other hand, if we maintain these dry foods in a completely dry area with rather heats, it might be a factor for the damage of vitamins in the food. In some instances, food might go rancid.
  • If you maintain the completely dry food in a completely dry area at the temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48 levels Celsius) for longer than 2 days, it can significantly enhance the regular destruction of the food vitamin destructions.
  • Dry pet cat food’s original bag can make a substantial distinction There has to be a reason dry pet dog food makers placed a great deal of initiative into making these top-notch food bags. Each food bag has a fat obstacle that sees to it that the quality is kept.
  • These obstacles are flawlessly created to ensure that it keeps the odd aspects out and lock the most effective flavors in for as long as possible. If you make use of a plastic bag to consist of dry food, you can not make sure that the taste is maintained.
  • There is one even more benefit of maintaining the original pet cat food bags. Maintaining them is synonymous with maintaining the animal food’s barcode, “Best By” dates, as well as batch code. They all are needed item info, especially when you wish to inspect the date of manufacture or in the situation of your family pet food recall.

Maintain The Dry Food Bag In A Sealed Container

how long does dry cat food last

If you intend to preserve the nutrition and taste of your dry pet cat food properly, there is no better service than keeping the premium original bag in a sealed container.

Both humidity, as well as airspeed approximately the derogatory rate of family pet foods and, raise drastically the danger of the strike of bacterial contamination. That’s why you ought to secure the cat food bag after every feeding.

How about canned cat food?

how long does dry cat food last

Unopened one ought to be maintained in a completely dry location at cool temperatures. Maintaining it in a pantry is not a negative suggestion.

As well as, opened up tinned pet cat food must be discarded after several days opening up no matter just how much food left.

Otherwise, you need to keep it in a secured container and placed it in a fridge. Also, you can transfer these completely dry feline foods to a metal container or a tin bin with a lid. Nevertheless, there is one point to notice.

Whether you intend to preserve the bag or otherwise, do not dispose of the tag as well as have it taped to the container outside! In this way, you can keep your pet cat food fresh and wholesome along with stop it from the sudden assault of infestations.

Does dry cat food go bad? Yes, it does. Rather than squandering time as well as money taking treatment of your four-legged good friend when he is ill, why not invest good cash on his food?

How long does dry cat food stay fresh?

does dry cat food go bad

Preservatives and also anti-oxidants are what maintain your cat’s kibble fresh for up to 6 months, yet you can do things too, such as saving the kibble remains in the original bag as well as making certain it’s snugly secured.

While it’s true that purchasing a larger bag is a lot more cost-effective than purchasing a smaller one, you ought to understand that after 6 weeks, the dietary value, fragrance, and flavor declines.

The food might be risk-free to eat, but your cat will discover it less interesting and there will be fewer nutrients- and also aren’t felines picky enough to start with?

A 20-pound bag holds regarding 100-plus cups of kibble. That implies it will certainly last several months. Cats typically consider about 10 pounds, so you could end up tossing some out.

Because instance, it may make more sense to simply acquire smaller bags or break the huge one up into two or three smaller sized ones to freeze.

Below are some guidelines in maintaining kibble fresh: 

  • “Use By” (or “Best Used By”, and so on) dates apply ONLY to secured bags. They do not use it when the bag is opened. Date the bag of food with a pen when you open it so you can keep track.
  • Store the food in its initial bag however, if you intend to make use of a family pet food container, position the entire bag into it. The initial product packaging is necessary since it keeps the kibble from oxygen as well as humidity. After feeding, press as much air out of the bag as possible, re-seal it, or fold up the top over extremely firmly and apply a clip.
  • Keep the barcode, batch code, as well as expiration day in a refuge. You’ll discover these on the bag and they identify the specific batch of food you’re feeding your animal. If there’s ever a cat food recall, or if you think any type of issue, you’ll require this info.

Just how to Tell If Canned Cat Food Is Spoiled

does dry cat food go bad

Food constantly goes bad after a specific time. That is why every kind of food- also eggs and also veggies- includes a life span. Pet dog food additionally comes with an expiration day, however often canned feline food may get ruined a lot previously.

Your family pets have no means to tell you if the food has gone bad, so you are the ones who must be careful about what you feed your fur babies.

Spoiled canned feline food isn’t uncommon in any way. Actually, wet food has a much shorter life span than completely dry kibbles. Dry food is likewise less complicated to keep since they have no water material, but when it pertains to canned food, several preventative measures need to be required to keep it from spoiling.

What makes tinned cat food go bad?

There are several reasons that could pet cat food could spoil, and also the reasons aren’t any different from why human food gets spoiled. For the most part, the reasons for canned food going negative are:

– Direct exposure to air, causing germs development
– High moisture or dampness airborne, creating mold and mildew
– Heat, causing rancidity

Ideally, both wet and also dry feline food should be kept in an awesome, dry area. Keeping it in an inside closet or the cooking area cupboard is best because that’s where the temperature level changes the least. Keeping the food away from temperature variations is extremely crucial.

How to tell if tinned feline food has gone poor?

does dry cat food go bad

There are several means to inform if your feline’s food is ruined, however, the first sign is normally your family pet refusing to eat it. If your feline isn’t a fussy eater yet suddenly does not wish to consume the food she likes, look closer as well as examine if there’s something wrong with the food.

Some various other ways to tell are a visible sour or rotten smell, development of mold or bugs, if the food has been subjected to wetness or humidity, or if your pet dog shows signs of discomfort or illness after consuming the food.

You have to not offer any type of tinned pet cat food that’s previous its expiry date, whether it’s spoiled or otherwise.

The shelf life of canned cat food depends on the storage space. Saving your family pet’s tinned food in a trendy, dark, completely dry place in the original packaging that it was available in is the very best means to guarantee the item lasts through the expiration day.


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