Want a Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree? Our Top 5!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably overthought about cat trees. But one day, I realized that I want a cat tree that looks like a tree. I wanted my cats to exercise more indoors, and I always thought that if I were a cat, I would like safe cat trees such as paths, pipes, pipes, and slides.

However, I found that my cats were intrigued by the cat trees, which resembled trees, and the more “realistic” they looked, the more they wanted to play there.

They say that cats live in a vertical world. They also live quite instinctively. It’s why many people have combined the two concepts and invested in cat trees, which look like trees.

All cats need something in their home that they can claw – this cat tree looks like a tree! In the wild, trees and climbing are part of a cat’s natural life, so why not move them inside?

It provides a realistic outdoor experience that guides their primal instincts. Realistic cat trees are more like places where cats naturally climb in the wild, so they capture their curiosity and make them feel right at home.

Whether you are a cat lover or want to give your furry best friend an outdoor experience (in the safety of your living room), this post will describe the benefits of a cat tree that looks like a tree and highlight our top 5 options – the best cat trees that look like real ones.

I love Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree, not regular trees. My cats prefer cat trees, which also look like wood, which means my cat is happier and my furniture is less scratched.

Many cat trees look like trees to buy, so I wrote this article to review the best products I’ve used and researched all over the place to find the best cat trees. Here’s everything you need to know about buying a realistic cat tree for your furry friend.

What are the benefits of a cat tree that looks like a tree?

It’s safer than a real tree.
The climbing tree structure can energize your pet with climbing and sitting without any associated risks:
• There are no wild animals to fight with
• The risk of injury from a fall is minimal, and the domestic cat tree is difficult to get stuck in.
• No forest parasites, insects, or other unwanted guests

Great for multiple cats
Do you have more than one cat at home? A cat tree that looks like a tree with multiple branches can solve problems by giving each pet a safe space—the right choice for shy or stressed cats.

Giving your shy feline friend a place to hide and being calm and quiet can make the kitten happier. Likewise, some cats experience stress-related behaviors, which can be mitigated by providing them with a climbing environment that mimics their world around them.

Aesthetically beautiful
If you can’t fit large, beautiful cat trees that look like real trees in your living room (who can?), then a cat tree that looks like a tree an authentic item is a great choice. Encourages natural climbing and branch sitting.

Cats love to rest on high perches, away from danger (real or perceived) on the ground. And there is nothing more intuitive or natural than hanging out in a tree.

On2 Pets Cat Trees with Leaves

Dimensions: 24 “W x 72” H x 24 “D
Outwardly, it looks like a simple ornamental shrub. But take a closer look – this beautiful plant is a cat tree that looks like a tree!

Two levels of curved wooden platforms covered in green leaves are the perfect hiding place for your little hunter—the base cover with artificial turf.

It’s a great option for cats that love nature but prefer safety inside. It’s one of the most cat trees that look like real trees I have found. The cat trees will give your pets the safety they need and is also a great place to take a nap.

Simple assembly and low profile ensure On2Pets condo will fit in size and aesthetics to any room in the home.


• Easy to assemble
• Does not take up much floor space
• Supplied with wall brackets in case you want to mount the perches on the wall

• Does not provide the same height as other cat trees
• This tree does not have sisal scratching posts

Go Pet Club Cat Trees Furniture

Dimensions: 42 ″ W x 34 ″ L x 67 ″ H
An elegant and stylish addition to your home, Go Pet Club. Gorgeous with “leaves” and branches covered in black and brown faux fur, it may trick your cat into thinking this tree is the real deal.

Only the posts covered with sisal will give it away! The base has a large separate apartment where your cat can hide and rest—several platforms from which to sit and watch.

Multiple levels are excellent if you have more than one cat, as each can get their seat. A strong, heavy compressed wood base will prevent the tree from swaying or toppling over.

It doesn’t matter if your cats itch, jump, climb, play or sleep. This cat tree that looks like a tree will stand up to whatever they cook.

• Easy to assemble, with step-by-step instructions and tools included
• Easy to clean with a damp cloth and liquid soap
• The materials are durable, safe, and non-toxic.
• Some owners felt that the material covering the wood was too thin (especially at the base) and easily shredded.

Cozy Cat Furniture Large Cat Towers

Dimensions: 23 “x 23″ x 75 ”
This large tree looks like it belongs to its forest friends outdoors. Green fabric and brown sisal posts add appeal, giving your pet the feeling of being outdoors lounging on a tree branch.

Customers loved the plush faux fur covering the tree; they claim that it appears thicker and more reliable than other trees. This Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree – Looks pretty cool.

A tree-like this for your pet is easy to assemble with just two supplied hex keys. It is very well made and will last for years.

With a modern design and style, this cat tree is a must as it encourages your pets to participate in a variety of fun activities. Cats love to climb in and out of confined spaces, so the indoor tunnel is the perfect place to hide or relax.

The condominium’s covered area is taller than other trees, ensuring your pet’s growth and safety. There are several levels for jumping and perching, as well as three perches for sleeping when your cats reach the “top.”

• Replaceable stands available from the manufacturer
• High-quality robust construction ensures the long life of this construction.
• Instructions are base on diagrams, which can be difficult if the user has design questions or needs more detailed assembly information.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Dimensions: 33.5″W x 35″L x 85″H
If you want to pamper your cat, take a look at the Go Pet Club cat tree. It is a luxurious piece covered in faux fur for maximum comfort.

There are also two secluded areas and several areas for climbing, playing, and sleeping. It will make your kitten happy, healthy, and fun.

Sisal rope poles also help your cat claw at that cat tree, not your furniture, while still looking natural.

Combined with leaves and vines, this gives your cats a whole forest to play in!
It is also a huge cat tree, and the multi-tiered platforms make it ideal for many cats to use simultaneously.

Plus, it is strong enough to support the weight of larger cats. The only downside is the number of different platforms and racks so that that assembly can take a while. It’s worth it as your cats will love it.

• Huge cat tree with multi-level platforms
• Great for households with multiple cats and larger breeds
• Realistic leaves and natural design
• Built-in feeder and bowl
• Luxurious faux fur for extra comfort
• Robust construction
• Assembly takes a long time

LUCKITTY Small Cat Scratching Posts Kitty Coconut Tree-Cat

Dimensions: 17 “in x 13” (diameter)
While Coconut is a scratching post, we put it on our list because, well … it’s a coconut!
Fancy plush palm “leaves” hangover a sturdy, sisal-covered rack that’s great for scratching your cat’s nails and keeping them healthy (and out of your belongings).

The round base is covered in plush and is incredibly durable to prevent tipping over during rough play. Still, its lightweight, portable design is 100% removable to be moved or stored.

Recommended for cats of all ages, this small pole is made from safe and non-toxic materials. With minimal assembly, wood is effortless to create great pleasure.

It can fit into a tiny home without looking too bulky or ridiculously large. However, if you are on a tight budget but want a cat tree, this is the one for you.

• Excellent scratching post surface
• Easy with reverse and disassemble
• Affordable price
• Sizes suitable even for a small house
• No apartments, shelters, or high places for the cat to lie down / take a nap.
• No seating levels
• Suitable for small cats or kittens

Cat tree buying guide

While these are my favorite lifelike cat trees with leaves, they may not suit you and your cat. So if you want to shop elsewhere, I’ve also written a buying guide to help keep the process as comfortable as possible. When buying a treehouse for cats that looks like a tree, consider the following considerations.


Cost is an essential factor when buying a cat tree. They are usually expensive to buy and generally more money worth spending. The more you spend, the better the material’s quality and the more durable it is, which means your cat won’t get into bad accidents if it breaks it!

It will also extend the cat tree’s life, which means you have to spend less time repairing or buying new trees. Therefore, despite the high upfront costs, buying a more expensive natural looking cat tree is a worthwhile investment.

That being said, if you are on a tight budget, there are still options available. Just be sure to check the maximum weight a cat tree can support and be prepared to replace it in a year or two.

The size

Size is also important, and generally, the more extensive the cat tree, the better. In the wild, cats are more likely to climb large trees with many branches and exciting places to hide than thin trees that are not very interesting.

It’s the same with the cat trees in the house. I recommend that you choose a tall feline tree that simulates climbing more towering trees and one that has several different platforms, including perches and secluded areas.

However, if your cat is sluggish and doesn’t like to jump or climb a lot, or is older and less mobile, a smaller scratching post may be more appropriate.

Of course, the size of the cat tree you can get depends a lot on the size of your home. Cats will prefer feline trees in an open area – this gives them a better view of the room when in their perches. Keep this in mind when buying a cat tree and find one that works for the space you have.


The material is also essential for several reasons. You should be aware that the material your cat wood is made of is safe to consume. Cats can chew on wood, so ideally, you want a natural product free from chemicals.

You will also need sturdy material, especially for the poles your cats will scratch. Sisal rope is perfect and mimics real bark, although if you can choose a cat tree that looks like a tree made from actual branches, then even better! C

comfort is also crucial. It would help if you tried to find a cat tree made from a soft and cozy material. It encourages your kitten to curl up and fall asleep there or lie there, watching the world around for hours.


Finally, the design is an essential factor to consider for both you and your cat! A cat tree takes up a lot of space in your home, so finding a design you like and complimenting your home is significant.

Most cat scratches on trees are neutral in color so that you can use them in any home, but buy them until you find what you like. It is also worth choosing a realistic design because he will like your cat the most.

It should also have many different platforms and scratching posts, some places to hide, and toys, if possible, to maximize your enjoyment.

What should you consider when buying a cat tree?

  • Living space

It’s worth mentioning that if you live in a tiny studio apartment or bachelor’s apartment, you probably shouldn’t invest in a 9-foot-high multi-level feline complex.

If, of course, you also plan to spend the night there. Think about your living space and how much space you will have to give up for your furry friend’s not-so-modest home.

  • Traffic control

Pay attention to the usual cat paths throughout the house. You will get a pretty good idea of ​​where to put the cat tree, so it doesn’t get in the way of him – or you.

  • Number of cats

Given how many felines you have, you will determine how big your cat tree should be. Each member of your feline family should have their place to sit without breaking the “hierarchy.”

  • Cat size

Whether you have an enormous breed cat or just a big cat that loves its treats, you need to consider total weight when choosing a cat tree. The base must be strong and reinforced, and you can mother of the presence of wall belts or additional safety devices to prevent the tree from swaying or toppling over.

Why do cats need cat trees?

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about – why do cats even need cat trees? There are several reasons why you need a cat tree in your home. They help your cats be healthier, happier and keep them from scratching your furniture.

  • Entertainment

First, cats need cat trees for fun. It’s essential for all owners, but if you are often away from home for long periods, it can provide enough stimulation to keep your cats happy while you are away.

Even old and lazy cats will want to have fun, but you know your cat’s personality better than anyone. So choose the cat tree that suits them best.

If they enjoy playing with toys, try buying one with hanging toys, or if they are mischievous and love to climb your furniture, then multiple platforms are a must!

  • An exercise

Cats also need exercise, and if in the wild, cats run to hunt for their prey, domestic cats can afford the luxury of getting food for them every day. It means our pets are not getting half the exercise they were supposed to.

You can help your cat exercise more by providing a cat tree that offers fun simulation that his body and mind need. Layered cat trees and toys can encourage your cats to exercise as they should, which means they’ll be healthier and happier.

  • Safety and security

As much as they love attention, cats are also inherently lonely and love to have their own space to feel safe. Cat trees are essential for shy and timid cats who need a place in your home that belongs exclusively to them, where they can truly relax.

They need their territory. For this reason, buying feline trees with secluded spots and places to hide will help your cats relax. In turn, it will reduce bad behavior such as climbing, scratching furniture, spraying, or marking an area.

If you have multiple cats, a cat tree with several layers can help each cat feel like they have their own space and avoid conflict between cats.

  • Sharpening claws

Cats not only mark their territory, show curiosity, and need exercise, but they also scratch because they need to keep their claws sharp.
In the wild, cats need sharp claws as their first defense line against predators and their first weapon for capturing prey.

Although cats do not need to hunt or defend themselves at home, the instinct for scratching persists. Therefore, cats need cat trees, ideally with scratching posts, so they can keep their nails razor sharp.

It will also help keep your furniture from scratching by providing a more exciting option instead.


Q: Where should I put my cat’s cat trees?

A: It is best to place the cat tree in as open an area as possible. It will allow your cat to scratch and climb the tree more efficiently, which means it will get more out of it. They will also enjoy being in an open area so that they can see the room when perched.

Q: How can I get my cat to use my cat trees?

A: If you’ve just bought a new cat tree and your kitten has shown no interest in it, you can try to induce him to use it by spraying catnip on it. You can also place food or treats on each of the perches to encourage them to climb to the top!

Q: Is it dangerous to use cat trees?

A: Using cat trees can be dangerous if they are not of satisfactory quality or too small for your cat. If they are not healthy, your cat tree can roll over and scare or injure your cat. It’s the same with larger breeds – they can easily break a cat tree that is too small and get shocked or hurt.

Q: Are cat trees that look like real trees better than standard ones?

A: In my version, cat trees that look like real ones are better. Cats need scratching posts and various attachments to channel their wild instincts for crossing and climbing. The closer the cat tree is to the real tree, the more your cat will like it. They are also stronger when made from natural tree trunks, so they last longer.

Q: Which tree looks best for cats?

A: I think the best cat tree that looks like a tree is On2 Pets Cat Haven as it seems the most natural product I’ve found, which means your cats will love it!

Q: Is it challenging to assemble cat Christmas trees?

A: SloWhether to assemble a cat tree depends on each design. They can usually be completed quickly, but the more platforms, desktops, and toys are included, the longer will make them.


And so, guys, we have everything you need to know about finding the perfect realistic cat tree for your feline friend. I would recommend trying out the products on this list as I’ve spent a lot of time narrowing my search to find the most natural cat trees for you.

If not, however, the buying guide should help you make an informed decision that your cat will love. The most important thing to remember is that there should be a place in the cat trees to sit, hide and scratch.

You know your kitten best, so trust your judgment and help your cat become happier and healthier, and your home is less prone to destruction from bored cat claws.


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