Can Cats Drink Chocolate Milk? All What You Need to Know!


For years, movies, animations, photos, and now social networks show us cute pictures of can cats drink milk. Because most cats also appear to like milk, individuals often assume it’s beautiful to give the pet milk.

For this reason, when your furball pets particular interest in your  milk of chocolate, you want to let it take a sip. But being a novice pet owner, you likely have fretted: Can cats drink chocolate milk? In truth, is it even a good idea to provide cats any milk? What may happen if can cats drink chocolate milk?

Benefits or harms of chocolate milk

Chocolate Milk

Do you want to know what professionals said about the problem of can cats drink milk? If so, If yes, then read on, and you will find the answer to the question and even more.

So can cats drink chocolate milk, vanilla milk, strawberry milk? Many vets say that you should avoid using milk when feeding pets. Even if they like the taste of milk and you can cat lap up milk.


When milk is important to your cat

And here’s the cause
kitty drink milk

Typically speaking, kittens get nutrients through their mom’s milk for about 6– 8 weeks after birth. Once that period passes, the animals shall carry on to solid feeds, and that implies milk no longer plays a significant role in the daily diet plan.

As an outcome, the cats lose the capability to process sugar found in milk since they don’t require it.

Over time, lactase production– the enzyme that supervises the break down of lactose in milk– comes to a halt. That is why most cats ultimately end up being intolerant of lactose as they grow.

Can cats drink chocolate milk safely?

What happens if some owner of cats enables their pets to lap up milk? A cat’s stomach can react in different ways. There may be vomiting, diarrhea, or vice versa; the problem of going to the toilet is constipation. But all cats are of various breeds; they all have their characteristics. Therefore, sometimes some cats can tolerate milk better, others worse.

Why do cats love to drink milk?


So, if milk gives the stomach of cats a tough time; however, why the felines still do not refuse? Well, there is only one thing why do cats like milk: the taste of fat. It is complicated for cats to keep from eating something that contains fat.

Therefore, it’s typical for pet owners to see cats go ice-creams, cakes, And Cats don’t have a sweet tooth. They merely like the fat that in sweet things. Do you see that cats drink chocolate milk and no stomach problems or anything else? Then it would help if you remembered that fat contains a lot of calories.

It can be dangerous for your pet, obese, and other health problems. Being overweight is not the best thing that can happen to your cat.
So. Even if your cat is lactose-tolerant, vet do not recommend feeding your cat milk all the time—especially chocolate or other sweet taste. But the vast majority of adult cats are lactose intolerant, and vets agree that they should not be given any of such products.

Feed your cat right!

So can cat eats chocolate milk without getting ill? Maybe. But their diet should be balanced. Full of vitamins and minerals. For this, in my opinion, what should be mandatory in the feed.
Have a look at the following choices if you wish to keep your pet healthy and happy securely.

Canned tuna

eat tuna

I have already said that cats should get all the necessary nutrients from their feed. Meat has a lot of such nutritional and beneficial properties. So, it is constructive to offer tuna meat to your cat sometimes.

Tuna meat is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It is also an excellent antioxidant. Also, compared to milk, tuna is low in calories. Therefore, your cat will not have problems with being overweight.

A wonderful treat for the cat, better than when the can cat drink chocolate milk


cats drink waterIf you think your pet is thirsty, offer him water. In other words, when asked if the can cat drink chocolate milk – maybe, but give water better. There are no calories in the water, no sugar, it is safe for your cat.

It will show you excellent care and love for your furry friend. Buy a beautiful water bowl. Or a unique fountain, as some cats prefer to consume moving water.

Pet stores now have a wide variety of such products at a range of prices. You can read what types of different cat feeders are in an automatic pet feeder and choose what you like.

Wet food

A big plus of wet food is that it contains water. So, if your cat does not like to drink water separately, this feed will help it avoid fluid loss. We have already written about the benefits and disadvantages of dry food in Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad?

Wet feed can be used daily. Or once every few days as a treat for your pet. In any case, a varied diet and a sufficient amount of clean water – the best answer to the question can cat drink chocolate milk.

cats drink milk

But if suddenly you offered the can cat drink chocolate milk and your pet liked it, there is a way out. Find lactose-free milk in the store and buy several packs. This milk does not contain lactose, so animals will not have digestive problems. Besides, lactose-free milk has many flavors.

You can easily find what your cat likes. Pure, some cats will not like this milk because it contains practically no fat.

But if you love and care about your furry friend, then you will do everything to make his feed complete and healthy!


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  1. Now I always thought that any milk was bad for cats once they grow older and chocolate was always bad for cats, so thinking about chocolate milk — now this post got me curious. Well I was right on my hunch though that it is not a good thing. My cat enjoyed milk when it was a wee kitten but I learned early on about how it isn’t ideal when they grow older. I appreciate your informative post. I am a new reader from Cali btw!

  2. As a pet owner you can’t help but ask questions such as, is chocolate bad for cats? Because I definitely want to well-informed to avoid giving my cat what’s bad for him. I needed to be sure because my sister apparently fed her kitten chocolate milk. Once only though because she was wise enough to ask if can cats drink chocolate milk? To settle the matter, I had to look into reliable blogs that could finally give us a better answer. So, THANK YOU for this. My cat enjoyed milk when it was a wee kitten but I learned early on about how it isn’t ideal when they grow older. I appreciate your informative post. I am a new reader from Cali btw!

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