15 Best Automatic Pet Feeder Reviews. For Cats And Dogs.


The rapid rhythm of life does not allow pet parents to stay with their companion animals regularly. It makes pet lovers opt for high-tech gadgets, ensuring the quality of pets’ experience at the highest level.

Undoubtedly, one of the best gadgets for today is the best automatic pet feeder. This device allows pet owners not to worry about full and timely nutrition, a custom feeding regimen, as well as to apply an effective feeding solution for overweight pets. In the modern world, people are increasingly focusing on personalizing their food and diet.

This trend is also taken into account by manufacturers of automatic feeders. These smart feeders offer various options for dosing portions by size and programming the schedule for their dispensing. So owners of a pet who are on a diet or need an individual feeding schedule can take proper care of pets without disrupting their usual business routine.

Pet feeds thanks to modern feeders automatically. People who spend a reasonably large amount of time at work, or need to be on business trips, should not deny themselves the pleasure of owning a pet.

Last year the pet care industry offered pet owners a lot of useful features for pet feeders. In this review, we’ve rounded up the best and most popular 2020 automatic dogs and cats feeder dispensers, which lets their owners won’t have to worry much about their companion’s wellness and happiness.

Meal Best Automatic Pet Feeder Reviews 

WOPET Pet Simply Feed Automatic

 Best Automatic Pet Feeder

The Wopet automatic feeder is one of the best in that category of products. This automatic pet food dispenser is suitable for dogs, cats, and small animals of various sizes. This feeder is large enough. It is conveniently scheduled up to 4 automated feedings per day using the built-in programmable timer. This pet feeder station allows controlling food portions from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups per feeding. 

The feeder Wopet allows you to customize feeds for small and large breeds thanks to Small and larger food rotators. However, it is often challenging to determine portion sizes. Furthermore, this automatic feeder wall powered and/or battery-powered. According to its manual, the feeder will continue to function on 3D-size batteries in case of a power outage. 

But the biggest drawback of the device is that when the power goes out, feeding settings are often reset, which means that your pet may miss its food if you are not around, and you cannot reschedule the device again. But we loved that all the functions will work after press two keys at the same time to prevent the pet touch that caused any disorders. The Wopet feeder also lets you record and set your voice to call for the meal up to 10-seconds.  


  • Programmable timer for up to 4 meals  
  • Small and larger size food rotators included
  • Custom recording, smart play when feeding time


  • The programming is not so straightforward.
  • There are impossible to set to dispense a meal’s serving size amount manually.
  • Feeding settings are often reset in case of a power outage.


Amazon Basics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispensers

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

Amazon Basics Gravity pet feeder and water dispenser are an excellent choice for owners looking for inexpensive, easy-to-use, large capacity gadgets for pets. They are not equipped with smart features, but they do their job correctly according to users’ feedback. It is effortless, doesn’t require a filter, and easy to clean every single surface. It has enough food and water for several days for a large dog. Also, these feeders and waterers are very convenient for multi-pet households. 

In case you are looking for a cheap variant with its price under $40, you have to consider AmazonBasics Gravity products. So it is a two-in-one product that contains a waterer with a 1-gallon capacity and a feeder with a 6-pound capacity. It should be noted that the feeder is not suitable for wet or semi-wet pet food. The manufacturer recommends using this outdoor automatic dog feeder with dry food only. Besides, this feeder is made of eco-friendly plastic, which does not harm your companion animal. 


  • Simple and cheap
  • The capacity is enough for two pets or a large breed.
  • It has a handle that allows you to carry this feeder around
  • Its smooth surface is resistant to limescale build-up.


  • It can sometimes leak water if it is not correctly secured to the base.
  • This product should not be washed in the dishwasher.

Petmate Replendish Feeder w/ Microban 

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

The Petmate Replendish Feeder from Microban is suitable for multi-pet households as well as for larger breeds. Choosing this automatic feeder, you can be sure that your pet’s food is free from harmful microbes because of its high antimicrobial protection level. This automatic cat and dog gravity feeder with its 18 lbs. capacity is perfect for slowly dispenses the dry food, so there’s no fast flow. The owner can fill the feeder from the top, so it is unnecessary to unscrew and refill it. To renew the feed, remove the cover. The feeder has a very sturdy base into which the food container locks securely.


  • Antimicrobial protected surface
  • Water filtration structure


  • From time to time, it is necessary to shake it, to make a portion of food come down into the bowl. 
  • It is not so easy to clean the feeder inside because of lots the nooks and crannies. 

Roffie Dog And Cat Food Dispenser 

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

According to various reviews of feeders and numerous user reviews, Roffie dog food dispenser is one of the best on the market in the price range of under $ 80. We want to underline the critical benefits of this feeder. Thanks to the massive 7L hopper, Roffie feeder can feed your animal for 2 to 4 days while you are away from home. The feeder is used for dry food with kibble between 0.2 and 0.6 inches in size. Portion sizes range from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups. 

The functionality allows the owner to record a message for a pet for up to 10 seconds. The feeder is powered by an AC adapter and 3D size batteries. The Roffie feeder is made so that the lid closes to prevent the food from going stale. The next one is its possibility to program different amounts served at each feeding. 

With the Roffie feeder, you can have every feeding provide a different meal amount. This feeder is straightforward scheduling. By the way, the Roffie feeder is balanced so that it is tough for pets to push it around or knock it over. There are also rubber ‘feet’ that make it tough to move.


  • 7L food capacity
  • Programmable timer for up to 4 meals  
  • It is easy to see how much food is left
  • Difficult for pets to move the feeder 


  • Absence of a backlight for the feeder display
  • Instructions do not explain the quantity of each portion

Peteme Automatic Feeder

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

Peteme – meal automatic cat feeders are a cool smart machine with remote control function using the Smart Life app or Alexa for a reasonable price and easy to install. This feeder is comfortable when you are away from home for several days. Using the Peteme app, you can control how often and how much of the pet feeder comes out. Generally speaking, it works well with both the auto and manual settings. 

You also can be sure that the feeds scheduled in the Smart Life app will take place as expected, even if the feeder is offline. With its food capacity of 4L, this feeder is one of the best auto pet feeders for small pets. Peteme automatic feeder dispenses only dry food with sizes of kibble from 2 to 10 mm. Also, Peteme feeder allows you to record a 10-second voice message to call out to your pet as the feeder dispenses food.  It’s effortless to clean and take apart. The big food holder part and the little tray in front detach from the body for easy cleaning.


  • 4L food capacity
  • Programmable timer for up to 10 meals
  • Remote Control


  • It is impossible to dispense an individual amount of food 
  • There are no prerecorded sound options for feeding time

Casfuy 5-meals Automatic Feeder

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

If you are looking for the best automatic cat feeders wet food feeders suitable for wet or semi-wet food, the Casfuy automatic feeder is worth looking. This automatic feeder is appropriate for cats, small and medium dogs. It is one of the meal automatic feeders for pets, suitable for dry and wet and semi-wet pet food. It includes one instant feeding tray and four other trays for scheduled meals. 

Each of 5 individual open trays has a capacity of 240 ml. Thanks to its construction, pet owners can add any size of treats, but it should be noted that there’s no cold pack feature, causing doubts about wet food using. The timer is set at a 24-hour time and allows you to set feeding around the clock. This gadget is a “dog-proof cat feeder” because of the minimal size of servings. 

It makes it a bit more difficult for your dog to sneak in and get a steal your cat food during the eating.


  • Dog-proof cat feeder
  • Dry and wet food dispenser
  • Programmable timer for up to 5 meals
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • There is no cold pack feature to keep food fresh.
  • Only the 24-hour schedule  
  • The feeder is not suitable for multi-pets households.

Iseebiz Automatic Feeder

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

The Iseebiz automatic 3-liter automatic cat feeders for medium and large pets can be programmed for the portion size and feeding time for up to 4 meals per day. It has an infrared sensor that makes sure that the bowl is not overfilled. The Iseebiz automatic feeders run on a battery as well, as you can connect it with electricity. 

Unfortunately, sometimes when the feeder is disconnected from the power supply, the feeding tinctures are not saved, and you have to reprogram them again. Another problem with the feeder is that, despite its ultra-modern design, it is complicated to determine that food is running out visually. 

An essential task with which the Iseebiz pet feeder copes perfectly is to make it impossible for any attempt of your cats or dogs to force the feeder to provide more food. It is worth noting that the feeder is strong enough to resist animals that aggressively try to get their food.



  • 3L food capacity
  • Programmable timer for up to 4 meals
  • Infrared sensor
  • Very long USB cord
  • Impossibility to force the feeder to provide more food


  • The clock is the weak point of this device
  • Feeding settings are often reset in case of a power outage
  • It is challenging to determine that food is running out visually

Hictop Feeder 

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

This well-designed Hictop automatic cat feeder is suitable for medium or small pets, particularly for puppies and kittens, that need a medium to a small amount of food. The Hictop feeders are very sturdy, and the programming is elementary. Because of its large 7 L food capacity, it could be the right choice if you have multiple pets. 

The meal automatic feeders also feature an infrared sensor that prevents it from jamming or overflowing, and that stops the device from dispensing when food is still left in the bowl. This automatic feeder can meet your various needs: up to 4 meals per day, food portion control, timed dispense of food, voice message to call your pets for mealtime, very easy to install and clean, removable food tray, dual power, etc. 

It should be noted that these Hictop automatic feeders come with the large dispenser mechanism installed, and if you need the small one, you have to change it out.


  • Attractive design
  • 7L food capacity
  • Programmable timer for up to 4 meals  
  • Infrared sensor


  • No backlight, so it’s hard to read the screen
  • Tight buttons are tough to use to select settings 
  • Only a 24-hour schedule

AIIYME Food Dispenser Automatic Feeders

Best Automatic Pet Feeder


The AIIYME food dispenser with its 6L capacity is very suitable for small and medium pets under 20kg. With this auto cat or dog feeder, you can easily schedule the feeding for your cat or dog using regular manual feeding or through your smartphone when you are out and prepare the feel your ding without worrying about forgetting to feed them. 

AIIYME dispenser allows the timer’s programming for up to 6 meals per day and from 1 to 20 servings. The automatic feeder is equipped with voice message recording, using that you remember your voice to your pet when you are working. It is worth mentioning that the AIIYME food dispenser is easy to clean and made of environmentally friendly and durable materials. 

Also, it has a USB power cord with a regular power adapter plug as an option. This feature creates more flexibility with locations of power sources for users.


  • Sleek modern design
  • 6L food capacity
  • Remote control
  • It has a desiccant to keep the food dry and fresh
  • Сan be controlled by several users simultaneously with the same account
  • Programmable timer for up to 6 meals


  • Its buttons are installed on the front backward
  • Usually, its portions are too significant for small pets

iPettie Donut 6-Meal Automatic Feeder

Best Automatic Pet Feeder


With the iPettie, one of the meals automatic cat feeders, you can schedule up to 6 meals per day for your furry babies. This dog’s and cat’s feeding station is equipped with six isolated easy-to-clean trays for dry food. The bowl feels sturdy, and it’s very user friendly. The manufacturer took care of the possibility of keeping food fresh, placing an ice pack under the removable trays. 

Also, for very food-driven pets who often look for extra servings by entering the storage tray, there is a unique mechanism for protecting your lovable pet from injury. It’s worth noting the display locking design. Your pets cannot force your settings themselves. It seems worth the price, and the system is beautiful. 

Please note that the package contains only a USB, not a plug.


  • Well-designed feeder
  • Display locking design
  • Cold pack feature to keep food fresh
  • Mechanism of protecting your pet from injury
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • The top is challenging to both open and close.
  • It is easy to screw up the schedule and not very easy to reset it.

LeeKooLuu Q01 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Automatic Pet Feeder


The LeeKooLuu Pet Feeder, one of the highly recommended feeders, has an attractive design and functions most demanded this type of device. Some of them are more advanced in comparison with similar WIFI feeders. Along with mobile remote control with the ‘Smart Life’ APP, flexible portion size, the manufacturer offers you to use its 1080P HD camera with the night version to see your pet clearly from anywhere using your smartphone. 

We love this camera feature because users can check to make sure the pet is eating. One of the funny parts of this automatic feeder is that pet parents could see and talk to their pets during mealtime through the smartphone. With a large 6 L food capacity for dry food, it holds much food in reserve. 

But it worth to underline that there is no way by looking at the feeder to know when the camera or microphone is active. It is just about some aspects of your private life.


  • WiFi Smart Feeder 
  • 6L food capacity
  • Flexible portion size
  • Programmable 1080P HD camera for voice and video recording enabled 


  • There is no way by looking at the feeder to know when the camera or microphone is active
  • Does not support 5GHz

Westlink Feeder

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

The Westlink automatic cats and dogs feeder is suitable for dispensing dry meals up to 4 times per day. It would be best to consider that the food size could not exceed 0.39″ * 0.39″(1 cm*1 cm) because large feed pieces can get stuck and stop the appliance. Westlink large automatic dog feeder has a capacity of 6 L and allows you to make from 1 to 39 servings concerning your animal companion’s specific needs. 

It fits most sizes of pets and can be used by multiple-pets households. However, the portion sizes may seem very small and inappropriate for large breeds. Using an option of a built-in voice recorder and speaker, you can record 10-seconds of your voice message to your pet eating. It can be played at each mealtime. 

The meal automatic feeder also has inbuilt infrared detection for the prevention of food locking. This sensor helps to stop dispensing when there is food left in the bowl. Please note that to prevent pet tough that caused any disorders, all the functions will simultaneously work after pressing two keys simultaneously.


  • 6L food capacity
  • Fit most sizes pet
  • Ultra-low power consumption  
  • The infrared sensor helps to prevent food locking and spills


  • The portion sizes are petite and inappropriate for large breeds 

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Cat Feeder 

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

The PetSafe healthy pet offers us one of the best feeder developed for cats and small or medium dogs. You can schedule up to 12 feedings per day using your smartphone. This dog’s and cat’s slow feeder works with both iPhone or Android smartphone. 

There are many useful automatic notifications. For instance, your phone will notify you whether the feeding has been complete or when food levels are low, or if the feeder is empty. 

One of the basic settings of this meal automatic feeder is a slow feed option when the feeder dispenses meals in small amounts over 15 minutes making it an excellent solution for pets who eat too quickly.  


  • Slow feed setting for pets who tend to eat too quickly
  • Remote control


  • It needs to be upgraded or improved latches.
  • It could not monitor the hopper’s food level and inform when it gets down to a specific group.

PETKIT  Feeder

Dog Feeder Reviews

The Petkit pet feeder – one of the Best Automatic Dog Feeder on our list – looks like a must-have automatic food dispenser for dogs and small animals. With this electronic pet feeder, you can customize up to 10 feedings of your pets. 

Please note that you can use your smartphone with the Smart feed app and Android and iOS and Amazon Echo devices. This meal automatic feeder is equipped with a 6 lbs bucket for dry food. 

And you will be immediately informed if the food is dispensed, as well as when food levels are low. 


  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • App for Android, iOS and compatible with Alexa 
  • Scheduled feeding 


  • The downside of this feeder is the fragility of the battery.

Arf Pets Food Dispenser

Pet Feeder Reviews

This Arf pets automatic feeder is a comfortable food dispenser for dogs, cats, and small animals of various sizes. With a straightforward and straightforward screen setup, you can program your timer up to 4 meals per day, customize portion size, and unit dispenses dry meals. 

Among other necessary features following Arf Pets as an automatic feeder manual, it is worth highlighting the 10-seconds personal voice messages, dual power, magnetic lock lid, and blue light up LCD clock and display. 


  • Timer programmable up to 4 meals a day
  • Features Distribution Alarms
  • Portion Control
  • Voice Recording 


  • Interface for changing the time is ridiculously hard to use
  • The feeder will dispense a small amount of food if it’s jostled hard enough.
  • The programming is in military time.
  • There is no “save settings” button, and you have to reprogram if you unplug or lose power 

General guidelines for choosing the automatic feeder

In summary, this review of the Automatic Feeder for the pet is designed to make the choice of pet owners more thoughtful. Among the wide variety of modern gadgets on the market today, you need to choose the one that will fully satisfy your pet’s needs.

There are a lot of features you should pay attention to when selecting a Meal Automatic Pet Feeder – suitability for dry or wet / semi-wet feed, the portion size required for a particular animal, depending on its size and breed. By the way, please read about how to teach your puppy to dry food in our article Best 11 tricks to get your new puppy to eat dry dog food.

If your four-legged friends are overly ingenious in finding some extra food, choose a model equipped with superior protection against unauthorized intrusion. In case you are a happy owner of dogs and cats in multi-pets households, and you are worried about the dog not hunting for cat food, choose the model with small trays. This “dog-proof cat feeder” will prevent the dog from sniffing the food while feeding the cat.


It is worth noting such an essential feature as the size of the pieces of dry food dispensed. The manuals for the automatic feeders contain clear instructions concerning this parameter.

If you use the feed over the required diameter of kibble, your feeder may become clogged and stop dispensing.

It will lead to the sad fact that your pets may lose a portion or even be left without food for a long time when you are away from home.

By the way, if you are afraid of such a situation, choose one of the feeders, which is equipped with the ability to send you a proper notification to your smartphone whether the feeding has taken place or that the feeder is empty, clogged, etc.

Besides, we advise you to pay attention to such options as the possibility of washing the feeder in a dishwasher, the material from which the product is made, and antimicrobial solutions that some manufacturers of the Meal Automatic Pet Feeders offer to us.

Of course, when welcoming a new family member into the house, responsible owners pay no less attention to his health than to their own. Such a daily used thing as a feeder should be as hygienic as possible, which is indisputable.


It is fair to say that any feeder’s main aim, despite the price category and all possible additional functions, is to feed your fluffy pet on time and in the right way.

Undoubtedly you should pay more attention to how reliable the feed distribution system is.

It is impossible to overestimate your feeder’s essential if you are not leaving home for three hours but several days.

Without diminishing the useful functions of feeders, we have to remember that these are automatic devices, and there is always the possibility of a feeder malfunction.

Summing up the above, we would suggest choosing models that can inform you if not everything is in order with your pets’ feeding.
Take care of your pets without limiting your freedom. Modern developments in pet care today give us such an opportunity, and these changes should be used correctly.


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