10 Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Husky Mix You Should Know.


German shepherd husky mix. What does a cross between these two breeds look like? The German shepherd husky mix is a separate species called Gerberian Shepsky. They possess both their ancestors’ traits and beautiful pets to protect and preserve the house from intruders. With husky german shepherd mix, neither night walks, nor thieves, nor enemies are scary – such a reliable, brave man will stand for you to the last. He looks pretty and is often very charming.

Description of the  breed german shepherd husky mix

This breed appeared due to the crossing of the Siberian Husky and the German Shepherd, also known as the Gerberian Shepsky, and it is similar to both. Let’s take a quick look at these breeds.


Siberian husky is very energy and kindness.  Siberian Huskies have a long history. It is one of the oldest dog breeds.

Character traits

Life in the North has left its mark on the character of the husky. They are utterly non-aggressive towards humans and tolerate low temperatures perfectly. The husky is used to transport light loads at high speeds.

german shepherd husky mix

Husky needs physical activity – walking, playing in the fresh air. Otherwise, your pet will start hooliganism out of boredom and entertain itself by spoiling the interior.

Some people think that huskies are challenging to train. But the whole point is that they are genius and will love and obey only a person who has the “authority of the leader,” merely ignoring everyone else.

These dog breeds lack guard and sentry instincts entirely. They are happy to catch and kill small animals – mice, rats, birds, cats. If a puppy grew up in a house with cats, they would not be attacked, considering them to be his “pack.” It does not apply to neighbor cats.

Features of the content

Although dogs of this breed are quite large (50-60 cm in height), it is quite possible to keep a husky in an apartment if you provide the dog with regular walks and jogging.

Their coat is odorless, sheds twice a year, and is easy to comb out. German and Siberian husky mixes not prone to profuse salivation. They are friendly with children and cannot harm a person.

German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd is a loyal friend and guardian. Bred in Germany in 1882 (AKC) as a herding dog, the German Shepherd soon became widely used by the military and police. Sheepdogs took part in both World Wars and on both sides of the conflict and showed courage and loyalty to their masters’ orders.

Character traits German Shepherd Dogs

The essential character trait of German Shepherds is a high ability to learn commands. The animals lend themselves well to training and complete tasks without delay.

They are also unique in that they calmly tolerate a change of owner and relatively quickly adapt to a new one. Therefore, it was German shepherds who took the place of companions of police officers around the world.

Animals get along well with children and can live in a family with other pets. Possess high security, detective, protective, and service qualities.

Features of the content

With an average height of 55-65 cm, German Shepherds are strong and resilient. They need regular training to keep fit. Besides, it is essential to educate a puppy. Otherwise, the Shepherd will gnaw whatever it can get to.

Important! It is best to keep the dog outdoors – such a large animal can be cramped in an apartment.

Let’s return now to our breed – German Shepherd Husky mix breed.

german shepherd husky mixFrom puppyhood to growing up and maturing, that is, somewhere up to five or seven years old, these shepherd husky mixes look incredibly sweet and funny.

They love to communicate with both people and other animals. By maturity, they form potent paws, which were passed on to them from shepherd dogs.

Husky German shepherd mix is characterized by short hair, and all other external data may change depending on whose blood they have more. In any case, these are rather large dogs with beautiful eyes that can be blue, brown, or two-colored.

Fur coat colors are also different. The wool of Gerberian Shepsky is relatively thick, so you should not start them in warm and hot climates. They are nevertheless adapted to survive in cold weather. But due to the short length of the hairs, there are almost no problems with this. It is enough to comb your pet and bathe from time to time regularly.

German shepherd husky mix  Short review

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Shepsky has very well-developed hunting instincts. They are real guards designed for protection. It is better, of course, to keep them in a private house. They will have little space in the apartment, and they will not feel in the best way. They need to pay a lot of attention; otherwise, longing and sadness will fall on them with all their might.

German Shepherd Husky mixes often talks to people in their language, even more so than huskies. They sing along to sirens’ sounds outside the windows, music from speakers, and other similar sounds. You can even sing in chorus with them.

Due to the developed intellect, shepherd husky mix understands what is required of them and are happy to entertain members and families and guests to whom they have managed to get used to and imbued with trust. This dog is easy to train and very obedient. He respects his master very much and is ready to do everything to please him.

But it is better not to leave him with the children – thanks to his developed protective instincts. The Gerberian Shepsky is sensitive to his personal property, so he can behave aggressively if the child takes his toy. Do not leave the room where the dog is alone with a stranger – he may think it is a thief and attack him.german shepherd husky mix

Like a German Shepherd and husky mix, such a pet should be started by those who already have experience with large dogs. He needs to instill respect and establish his authority so that he is obedient and obey commands.

You need to walk and run a lot with your pet, but it is better to do it away from courtyards where there are many people – suddenly, your dog thinks that one of them is threatening you!


You can feed the german Shepherd and husky mix with both natural and ready-made dog food. Outstanding dry food for large dogs of at least premium class is perfect. But remember that since you have chosen this type of feeding, do not give him natural food because mixing different foods is very harmful.

Special supervision is needed for the health of the Gerberian Shepsky. Better buy wet canned food from the same manufacturer.

If you choose to feed with natural food, you will have to cook for the dog separately – it is strictly forbidden to give him food from your table. Here’s what should be included in his diet:

  • lean meat,
  • beef,
  • chicken,
  • turkey,
  • vegetables – raw,  boiled, and stewed, but not potatoes,
  • dairy products,
  • boiled eggs once a week,
  • sea fish,
  • cereals, except legumes,
  • fruits,
  • berries.

You can prepare many servings in advance for simplicity and arrange them in bags and then freeze and defrost every day in the morning. Food for your pet should not be heavily salted, spiced and sugar should not be put in it. Please do not give this dog breeds anything smoked and protect it from fish and chicken bones. But the vitamin complex is worth buying, about which one is more suitable, consult your veterinarian.

You can choose the most convenient German Shepherd and husky mix feeder using our review 15 Best Automatic Pet Feeder


german shepherd husky mixCaring for such dogs, like a german shepherd husky mix, is not so difficult. The main thing is to regularly visit the veterinarian for routine examinations, carry out hygiene procedures, and ensure physical activity.

It is better to accustom the Gerberian Shepsky puppies to the procedures from the first days – cleaning the ears, wiping the eyes, brushing teeth, and combing out can cause an adverse reaction first approach an adult specimen with this. Be prepared to trim your claws regularly.

It is worth bathing such dogs as they become dirty, but not often, and then dry them with cold air from a hairdryer. Do not forget to walk with your pet for a long time in the forest or park at least once a week; let him run or run with him. This dog breed will be happy to accompany you on a bike ride or when swimming in a pond.

In summer, such an animal breed can hunt for small rodents, and in winter, it will frolic with pleasure and roll around in pure snow. There should always be a bowl of clean water freely available. He also needs bedding and toys.

When you first bring your german shepherd and Siberian husky puppies into the house, arrange his place. In the summer, the Gerberian Shepsky will shed heavily. During this period, it is imperative to brush your pet daily.

This breed has powerful jaws and is very chewy. For this, it is better to purchase a lot of toys. Otherwise, he will be entertained with the help of your personal belongings. You can also buy a basket in which he will sleep until he grows up.

Caring for german shepherd husky mix puppies

german shepherd husky mixPuppies need more grooming than older dogs. Of course, they are charming and adorable, But they require a lot of attention and care. Puppies grow and develop quickly, so they need a balanced diet high in nutritious foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Feed your puppy small meals when he is hungry. It will help him avoid overeating and stay healthy.

And a few more tips:

  • Find a good veterinarian. It would be best if you visited your veterinarian regularly to ensure your dog’s health. If you don’t already have a veterinarian, it’s best to ask family and friends for advice. If you bought a puppy from a shelter, ask him to recommend a veterinarian they swear to.
  • Buy only quality dog ​​food. Your german shepherd and Siberian husky puppies well-being and overall growth depends a lot on his diet. It is imperative to choose a food specially formulated for puppies and not for adult dogs. Also, make sure your little puppy has access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times.
  • Be sociable. It is essential to start obedience training when your dog is still a very young puppy. It will ensure that german shepherd husky mix puppies will grow up to be a versatile dog in the future. Dogs start adopting other animals around the age of 2-4 months. Enrolling your dog in kindergarten or socialization classes is a great way to build positive social experiences.

How to Train Your German Shepherd Husky Mix

Because Gerberian Shepsky was a working-class, he needs regular exercise. When you adopt a Husky German Shepherd mix, you have to put in an effort. If you have time, take your dog friend to a dog park where you can remove the leash from him and let them explore on their own. But, taking your dog off the leash is not a good idea if it hasn’t already been trained to respond to basic commands.

Off-leash play will expose your dog to various conditions and give him the training he needs and deserves. It will not only morally stimulate your pet, but it will also be beneficial for his overall well-being. Also, if you have a yard, let your dog walk on their own for a couple of minutes each day. You will love watching your dog jump and play happily.

This german shepherd mix husky is brilliant thanks to the genes of the German Shepherd. They can also be a little stubborn, thanks to the husky. With that in mind, training can sometimes be a challenge, but with the right attitude, you can train your dog in no time.

They are natural leaders, so let them know that you are the leader of the pack. You can achieve this by exercising firmness, confidence, and consistency in your workouts.german shepherd husky mix

It has been shown that using reward-based learning gives better results, whereas punishment leads to unwanted and problematic behaviors. Pamper your dog or praise him if he does your command correctly.

This Gerberian Shepsky has an instinct to graze and chase small animals. Sometimes, this dog breed may feel the need to pounce on smaller prey. To avoid this becoming a problem, train your dog to pay attention to you when they see small animals. Do this with a treat or toy.

Both parent breeds are working dogs and need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them from worrying. You can play games with them. You can play hide and seek or hide the treat somewhere in the room for your dog to find. Make sure they get enough exercise.

Remember, playtime has been shown to improve dog memory and relieve stress.

Life expectancy and disease german shepherd husky dog breed

The lifespan of a cross between a husky and a German is not great: on average, from 9 to 14 years. It is because the dog is not a purebred representative.

They may have hostile vices and various health problems. The most common diseases and disorders:

  1. Congenital blindness, decreased vision, eye diseases;
  2. Hearing problems, frequent otitis media;
  3. Dysplasia of large joints (hip dysplasia), problems with the spine – osteochondrosis;
  4. Myositis and osteomyelitis;
  5. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  6. Endocrine disorders (more in bitches);
  7. Тot the exit of the testicles into the scrotum;
  8. Formations of malignant and benign character;
  9. Diseases of the heart and circulatory system;
  10. Diseases of the central nervous system.

According to statistics, the largest number of diseases in a cross is organs of vision, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, and mental problems.

How much do German Shepherd Husky mix puppies cost?

Mixed-breed dogs tend to sell for less than purebred dogs. However, the minimum price for a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy is ​​between $ 400 and $ 1,500, the median price for breed sold is $725.


All the german shepherd husky dog breed owners speak positively of them – they are lovely smart, and courageous guards with a kind character. They feel good, living in the courtyard of a private house, calmly endure the chilly weather.

Most German Shepherd Husky mixes are loyal, making them a good pet for a family.

But the reaction to small children is ambiguous – if the baby is too annoying, the dog can bark.

German shepherd mix husky hosts celebrate their intelligence, obedience, and dedication. From the family, they, as a rule, recognize only one person as the master, but they are also loyal to other household members.

Pets love to sing along to songs. Sometimes even at night, they begin to howl melody when they hear the alarm. Some people think they can even parody words and rhythm.


german shepherd husky mix


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